Combining design and clinical expertise
SureflO2 - Making the invisible visible
SureflO2 – traditional oxygen masks reimagined

Slide Introducing A dynamic visual gas flow indicator
for supplemental oxygen delivery
Clinical observation where it matters
Simple mechanism with high visibility
Slide Traditional oxygen masks reimagined... Designed by clinicians to improve patient safety
Developed, engineered and manufactured in Australia
Visible from a distance ... Oxygen delivery reliably monitored by health care workers from a distance
The ONLY mask with an integrated dynamic visual indicator to confirm gas flow into the mask.


Developed in response to a preventable issue in clinical care, the SureflO2 indicator provides clear visual confirmation of gas flow to patients requiring supplemental oxygen.

WATCH: From concept to clinical use …


– from the initial spark of an idea and concept, the creation of a prototype, production and manufacture in Australia to … finally its use in clinical care.


FINALIST: 2017 SVHA Innovation & Excellence Awards

MARCH 2020

SureflO2 gains CE Certification

APRIL 2020

TGA approves SureflO2 for inclusion in the ARTG

Integrated dynamic visual indicator

SureflO2 – The traditional oxygen mask reimagined

Clinical observation where it matters…

the airway